Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The BulletProof Novel(la) & Kickstarter Disappointments

So as many of you know, the last Kickstarter barely reached 5% of it's goal.  The first one with half the time made double that, which means 0% funds in either case.  This happened over a month ago, but with work and being a bit bummed about the way the KS turned out, I haven't updated the blog or the website.

So with no funds and no ability to raise them in any timely manner, what is the next step?  Originally The BulletProof Ghost was called Vengeance and was a novel(la).  I wrote it in high school, but that title doesn't work even in its original form. I didn't come up with a superhero name for Kyle Richard until my first year of college.  This was when I started writing the new novel from scratch, which I never finished.  Soon I realized I wanted to give the comic book/graphic novel version a shot.  Unfortunately I had at least a couple illustrators fall through.  Then there was Scott, who I knew was only available for concept art from the get go.  This is no fault of his, he has a family and a job, like me, so I get the lack of time problem.

All of this aside, BPG will now be a novella series that will be published through Amazon Kindle.  I published the first book in what was meant to be another series, but the second volume was eaten by my crashing computer.  This series was called Horror Force and unrelated to BPG.  It costs $.99, so check it out if you want an action/horror short story.

I'm going to take the first arc and turn it into the first volume, which is about the first five issues of the comic.  The linear versions of this story are up in the script archive over to the right.  The novella will not be in a linear format.  I originally changed the order of the story when I was forced to change my plans to have a graphic novel made and had to make individual comic book issues.  I needed the action and super hero sequences up front to help sell the book and cut up the back story into later issues.  I liked that way the outlines and scripts were turning out so much that I'll be adopting a similar format for the completely written form.  This means the only illustration will be the cover.  I hate that money is the reason I have to alter my plans, but that's how the world works unfortunately.  Money begets money and in this case, I didn't even care about the money, only about getting the story made in a more visual medium.

So on the positive side, this means that I should have the first draft done by the end of the year.  I'll have a ton of time to write during my winter break.  I'll try to knock out the prologue this morning.  This will basically be the whole flashback of Kyle dying in the comic from the most recent version.

I thank everyone who pledged to the Kickstarter.  There were people that are directly related to me that told me directly that they would not pledge even $1 to my campaign.  So for the people I haven't seen face to face for a while or even the people who are next to strangers that did pledge... you are awesome and thank you.

I'll try to keep updates up on facebook and twitter (links at the top of the page).  I'll be spending a little $ on advertising the facebook page so more copies of the book get out there so it is easier to get volume 2 out.  Later.

-Jake Harris