Sunday, October 16, 2016

My new horror series, Dreadful plus a new way to read BPG

It's been a while since I've put up a blog post, but I wanted to make sure I knew for sure what was going to happen with the new outlet.  Thanks for your patience.

The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes is officially on Channillo.  Channillo is a serial literature website where you can post portions of books or start full blown series.  I'm posting BPG: Prototypes while BPG: In Spades is in the process of being edited.  Once Prototypes is posted in its complete form, I'm hoping to be able to post portions of In Spades exclusively on Channillo.

You can start reading The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes on Channillo here.  The service is not free.  You can start out with a $5 a month fee to subscribe to 10 series at a time.  Hopefully you will make BPG one of them.

Now onto my current project.  I recently entered a contest at for their Bootleg Universe event.  This was specifically for already created characters from other franchises.  I went with a short story I wrote about Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor.  This was mostly based off of the 2005 anime series.  I will post the short story in its entirety within the near future.

After I wrote this story, I checked out their other contests.  There was one for original short stories that had a substantial cash prize.  I had a few ideas kicking around, one I named 'Wolves in the Ice'.  WitI is about a woman who was badly hurt by her fiance in New York City and returns to her childhood home in Alaska.  After a traffic accident, she finds herself in the middle of the woods being stalked by a pack of white werewolves.  She runs into a man calling himself a 'wolf tracker' that helps her survive through the night.

After writing the entire short story, I realized that this would make a solid series of stories, as I was already figuring out in my head where the characters would end up next.  So I started on the second story called 'Sister's Keeper' and titled the entire series 'Dreadful'.  That's a working title, but unless you put the word Penny in front of it, no one else is using it as a series title.

Once I've entered the next contest, I'll pitch this new series to Channillo.  For a while, Channillo will be the only place to read Dreadful, period.  I'm not sure how many entries there will be, but I may just create arcs until I can't come up with new ideas; which sounds interesting.

That is all of the updates for the moment.  Keep an eye on my twitter feed @thebproofghost and like my Facebook Page.  I'll try to get these projects out ASAP.  I know I haven't published anything since BPG: Prototypes, but there are a lot of things coming down the pipeline.  I promise.


-Jake dh

Sunday, August 28, 2016

End of The Indiegogo Pre-Order Campaign and Big Bang book signing

Jake dh in New York City, right before The Pitch Slam
So, if you came to Big Bang, Comics and Toys on Saturday, thank you.  I knew a couple of people who showed up, so that was nice.  Secondly, I apologize that I was not able to take credit/debit cards due to my Square not working due to registration issues.   I didn't try to set up the account until that morning, so yeah, my bad.  I sold a button pin and a couple of books.  I would have sold more, but... yeah the card thing.

I'm not sure when my next signing event will be, but I'll post here on the blog and various other social media accounts when I know.  I hope to visit some indie bookstores in the coming months.

The next big thing: if you didn't preorder The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades before now, then you can't before its release.  I thought that I could continue to take preorders on Indiegogo after the campaign was over, but I didn't hit my goal, so they shut that shit down.  At least I know now.  

The last couple of months have been hard, but that is because I'm actually trying.  I had put my writing on the back shelf last year due to the YouTube channel I was trying to get off of the ground.  I'm putting myself out there now as a writer.  It isn't easy.  I don't get a lot of criticism.  Instead, it's just apathy; a lack of giving a shit.  I try not to be arrogant, which I think makes me a less effective salesman.  I didn't intend to be a salesman when I started writing again.

Here's an example:  I have a person at my job-job who will remain unnamed.  He's on his second reading of the book.  He loves BPG: Prototypes and says he can't wait to read In Spades.  He didn't preorder a copy on the Indiegogo.  He also said on several occasions that he'd put up a review on Amazon.  He hasn't.  I only had one relative give to the campaign.  That is heart breaking.  This is by far the worst crowdfunding campaign I've ever done and the last one was bad.

The only reason I did that campaign was because I had seven people personally tell me at work that they were interested in pledging.  I was ecstatic.  All of those pledges right out of the gate would have given me a solid base to build off of.  It would have given me an aura of legitimacy.  Only one person at work pledged to the campaign.  I suspect that was only because we worked next to each other one day and he could tell the whole situation had me upset.

I'm not upset now.  I'm pushing forward full speed ahead.  I'm not slowing down.  At some point, I will find my audience or I will have a big breakthrough.

Thanks for the support so far.  I'll see you later.

-Jake dh

Monday, August 22, 2016

New York Trip, Owensboro Signing, Appearance on Evansville Podcast, New Stories and more!

Wow, there are a lot of updates to get to.  I would have updated the blog last week, but after the New York City trip, I was exhausted.  Honestly, I just needed a day to chill out.  I'm rested (for the most part) and ready to get everyone up to speed.

First and foremost, I was on Evansville Podcast talking about BulletProof Ghost, among other things, but mostly BPG.  You can check out the episode here.  For my first interview, I think it went pretty well, especially considering how little sleep I got.  I also talk about some of the origins of BPG that I may not have touched on in this blog.  I was supposed to be on Owensboro's Own, but scheduling/job-job overtime/lack of sleep prevented me from being on that show.  I'm not sure when/if I will be on now, but I'll post it up on Twitter ( @thebroofghost ) as soon as possible.  You can check out the podcast series here.

Next on the list of updates: I will be at Big Bang Comics and Toys in Owensboro, KY on Saturday, August 27 from 10am until 4pm signing copies of The BulletProof Ghost Prototypes or anything else you want me to sign.  I will have other items like button pins and a limited supply of shirts.  The books will be $9.  Generally, I've learned that events like this don't sell a lot of books, but maybe this will break the mold.  

In case you didn't know, I went to New York City to take part in the Writers Digest Conference 2016 (WDC16).  I was specifically there to take place in what is called a Pitch Slam.  I know this sounds like a sex position, but stick with me.  I pitched BPG to 5 literary agents in the span of an hour.  I was flatly rejected by three of them due to the fact the book had already been self published.

An agent said she liked the pitch, but because of the self published status and less than stellar sales, she couldn't give BPG to her publisher, but... and this is a big but, she gave me her card.  She liked the pitch enough that she offered to check out the next book I wrote that was not BPG related.  Okay, I'll take that.

The first agent I talked to wanted to see the book regardless.  I may have failed/forgot to mention that this specific book was self-published.  I made sure to let her know in the email I literally just sent her.  I think that she'll turn it down due to that technicality.  That doesn't make me sad or anything, it just means that BPG is going to be self-published and possibly indie-published for a while if not exclusively.

One of the things I learned at the conference is that I have to market myself as an author more and not just concentrate of The BulletProof Ghost.  This is my baby, but I have to branch out and create new stories if I ever want to do this for a living, which I do.  I will be altering the blog and website a little bit to reflect me as a writer, instead of focusing solely on BPG.  The urls will stay the same, but I'll be altering the graphics and images a bit.

I'm also outlining a new book specifically to send to agents within the year.  I'm going to try my hand at fantasy (or so it will seem).  I'm also writing a few horror short stories that I'll be posting on here for free.  The first story may be up as early as next week, because I've already started writing it.  The short stories will be pretty raw and unedited, but this is a blog, not a published piece.  

That's about it.  You'll be getting new short stories for free.  The next BPG novel is more or less finished and in the process of being edited.  And if that wasn't enough, I'll be starting an entirely new novel/series... well next weekend if all goes well.

Thanks for the support and I'll see you later.

-Jake dh

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Upgrade for the $1 level of the Indiegogo!

The $1 level for the Indiegogo campaign has been upgraded. You can get digital versions of both BPG books for $1?! Yes, check it out or upgrade to a signed version of the new book, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades for $10!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

You can now Pre-Order The Bullet Proof Ghost: In Spades!

Click the link below to Preorder BPG: In Spades or many other rewards!

Yes, it's finally here!  Your chance to get a signed copy of the second novel in The BulletProof Ghost saga before anyone else does.  The main event is at the top of the rewards: For only $10 you get a copy of BPG: In Spades signed by the author Jake dh and editor Sarah Harris.  You will also get a digital copy of the previous book, BPG: Prototypes to get you up to speed if you missed it.  This digital copy can be sent to you the moment you order it if you wish, so while we put the finishing touches on the book, you can read the introduction to The BulletProof Ghost universe.

There are several other rewards including button pins, t-shirts, signed art and having your name and physical description incorporated into the third book in the series (which is currently being written).  All of the custom rewards will be exclusive to this Indiegogo, so get yours before the end of the campaign.  

The money from this campaign will go into printing costs, advertising and a book tour that will reach into next year.  How many stops will there be on the tour?  That depends on how many backers we have and how much we raise. 

Thanks in advance and I appreciate every dollar pledged.  I can't wait to release this book and with your help the launch will be better than Prototypes' launch by a hundred fold.  


-Jake dh

Also:  There are two secret perks that cannot be accessed through the Indiegogo and only through this blog, social media and the website.  This is a special thanks you to everyone who's followed my work through the years.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In the lead up to BPG: In Spades' Preorder Indiegogo

The Preorder Indiegogo launches on July 11, 2016!
So in case you haven't been paying attention to the Twitter and Facebook pages, the release of the second book in The BulletProof Ghost saga, In Spades, is quickly approaching.  After the somewhat lackluster release of BPG: Prototypes (no offense to everyone who has a copy), I decided to put the release of BPG: In Spades to better use.  This will benefit all parties involved so let's get down to the brass tacks, shall we?

The Preorder Campaign on Indiegogo for The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades will launch on July 11 and run until August 10.  Now technically I've set this up on Indiegogo so you can Preorder (or eventually order) rewards after this date, but officially, that will be the big push to be funded.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform and those of you who have been following BPG for a while know that BPG and crowdfunding have a long if not checkered history.  The series was originally going to be a comic book, but funding for the art fell through with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter, though good for some fundraising needs, just doesn't work for me (and apparently a lot of potential backers).  So what is the upside of using Indiegogo for you?  For one, you only need a credit/debit card or a paypal and you can pledge/preorder one of the rewards.  You don't have to sign up on Indiegogo and jump through a dozen hoops.  You can also throw your money at the project right away instead of waiting up to 30 days for it to come out of your account.

Here is a preview to the campaign.  If you are reading this after July 11, 2016, then there should be a link in a later article to the real deal.

There is a Facebook event for the launch in case you wanted to express your support there and receive updates.

I created a video for the campaign that is on that link, but here is the video in case you don't want to for some reason.

The main reward is a softback copy of The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades signed by me, Jake dh and editor (and my wife) Sarah Harris... and quite possibly a couple of other contributors to BPG.  This will run you $10 plus shipping.  There are levels for hardback copies, t-shirts, button pins and even a chance to be a literal part of the BPG Universe as a side or supporting character.  The T-Shirt and Button Pins will be exclusive to this campaign.  I'll have the designs posted by this weekend.

The money from the Indiegogo will allow me to advertise BPG: In Spades and go on a book tour.  The book tour specifically is something I can't do without some assistance, but this isn't like you're just throwing money down a hole.  I'm selling you products for something that's special to me and at least a few hundred other people.  

So yes, after nearly two years of waiting, the second BPG book is coming.  To relieve your worries about the next book in the series, I've already started writing the third book.  It took me 6 months in between the release of Prototypes and starting to write In Spades.  The third book will be out in 2017, I promise.  Maybe early 2017 if all goes well.

Thanks in advance and email me at or tweet me @thebproofghost with any questions.

-Jake dh

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Official Cover for The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades!

So, in case you couldn't tell, this is the cover for the newest book in The BulletProof Ghost series.  The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is the official title and this is the official cover.  Dane from provided the artwork.  I'll be putting up a post that shows all of the versions of the cover, but this is the one I liked the most.

In other BPG news, the second draft of In Spades is done.  This draft needs to be edited as well as the final touches related to said edit, but if all goes well (if indeed), we should be looking at a release date of late August or early September.

I'll also post news later this week on how to pre-order a signed copy of The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades.  I apologize for things being a little dull on the blog, but with the second draft being done, there will be a lot more activity on here.  Thanks for the support so far and I hope you'll help make BPG: In Spades a success!

-Jake dh

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Newsletter, New Email Address & New York!!

I have a new email address.  I created it for the sole purpose of starting a BulletProof Ghost newsletter.  It's
I may keep an eye on the other email address for a while, but I'll be winding its use down since I'm actually paying for this new one.

Also if you want to get the new weekly newsletter when I start sending them out (probably on Sunday).  Just shoot me an email at the above address with the title 'Add Me to Newsletter'.

As far as other updates are concerned, I have a Periscope account now.  You can search for it under 'Jake dh #BPG #Author' and it should pop up.  I have a couple of broadcasts on there already.  I'm trying to use it to chronicle the process of the next announcement.

That announcement is that we are 100% going to New York for the Writer's Digest Annual Conference!  I may have mentioned this before, but there were a couple of wrenches thrown into the process that may have kept us from going.  All of that is solved now.  We are registered and all there is left to do is book the hotel and flight.

The purpose of the trip is to participate in the 'Pitch Slam'.  A Pitch Slam is where I get to pitch my book (or in my case series) to an actual literary agent.  In this case, it means I get to pitch it to 10 agents inside of an hour.  If one of them chooses to represent me, then BPG might end up being on store shelves in the near future, but only if I'm for reals published.

This is all very exciting, but I will keep pushing forward with the second draft of the second book in the series, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades.  I should have the lion's share of the book done this weekend.  Hopefully there will be a preview up on this very blog within a couple of weeks.  I'll have some more news about In Spades later this weekend and next week.  Stay Tuned.

Thanks for the support.  This may be the beginning of a bright future for The BulletProof Ghost.\\

-Jake dh

Monday, May 9, 2016

The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades' Rough Draft is done!

So I know it had been a while since I've had anything resembling a decent update, but as of about twenty minutes ago, the second book in The BulletProof Ghost series in its most basic form, is done.  The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is longer than Prototypes, which is part of the reason it took so long to finish.  There were other reasons, but there are previous entries in this blog to explain that.

The synopsis of the new book begins with the fallout from Prototypes (spoilers for Prototypes ahead).  After Kyle Richard was forced to kill four of his five bullies due to William Kintaxin's rage program being activated in Kyle's brain nodes (cybernetic nervous system enhancement); he has to figure out where he fits in the world.  The guilt of his actions (though more or less against his will) weigh heavy on the young cyborg.  Four leaves town to secure funds for creating a base of operations so the two don't have to squat at Kevin Hedwin's house.

Kyle comes into conflict with a criminal organization known as The Spades.  They are run by Mayor Rudolph Vyle, who is also the murdered Nick's father.  Vyle's rampage to find who killed his son puts Kyle's friends, Al and Irene into the crosshairs.  Kyle must not only save his friends, but the soul of his hometown.

I don't want to ruin too much, but I'll have a preview up within a month or so.  I know, waiting sucks, but I want the book to be good.  Honestly, even in rough draft form, I think that In Spades is better than Prototypes.  All of the origin story and technology explaining is out of the way and I felt free to just tell a story.

I'll be ordering a new cover soon so my posts will have a picture to go with them.  I'm not going with the same artist I did last time, so I'll have to shop around... as it were.

If you haven't read The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes, then you should go to The Website and order a copy or get the digital version.  There is a preview on Amazon, Smashwords and this blog.

Once I get the second draft finished and editing begins, I'll hold a pre-order program for In Spades, sort of.
 I'm going to run a GoFundMe in order to:
                          A. Fund a possible release tour for The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades
                          B. Allow a psuedo pre-order system

This means that I might have a prolonged tour for the release of In Spades (fingers crossed), but also that anyone who wants to put money down can reserve their book early AND get a signed copy of not only In Spades, but the 2nd edition of Prototypes as well.  There will be other rewards of course, but those will be announced later.

Thanks for the support so far.  I will try to get over my social anxieties and do local events in Evansville and Owensboro (and possibly a couple of other places) sans crowd funding, provided people will go to get signed copies of the books.  Maybe I'll be allowed to do a Q & A if you want something like that.

The BulletProof Ghost will emerge again.

-Jake dh