Saturday, May 21, 2016

Newsletter, New Email Address & New York!!

I have a new email address.  I created it for the sole purpose of starting a BulletProof Ghost newsletter.  It's
I may keep an eye on the other email address for a while, but I'll be winding its use down since I'm actually paying for this new one.

Also if you want to get the new weekly newsletter when I start sending them out (probably on Sunday).  Just shoot me an email at the above address with the title 'Add Me to Newsletter'.

As far as other updates are concerned, I have a Periscope account now.  You can search for it under 'Jake dh #BPG #Author' and it should pop up.  I have a couple of broadcasts on there already.  I'm trying to use it to chronicle the process of the next announcement.

That announcement is that we are 100% going to New York for the Writer's Digest Annual Conference!  I may have mentioned this before, but there were a couple of wrenches thrown into the process that may have kept us from going.  All of that is solved now.  We are registered and all there is left to do is book the hotel and flight.

The purpose of the trip is to participate in the 'Pitch Slam'.  A Pitch Slam is where I get to pitch my book (or in my case series) to an actual literary agent.  In this case, it means I get to pitch it to 10 agents inside of an hour.  If one of them chooses to represent me, then BPG might end up being on store shelves in the near future, but only if I'm for reals published.

This is all very exciting, but I will keep pushing forward with the second draft of the second book in the series, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades.  I should have the lion's share of the book done this weekend.  Hopefully there will be a preview up on this very blog within a couple of weeks.  I'll have some more news about In Spades later this weekend and next week.  Stay Tuned.

Thanks for the support.  This may be the beginning of a bright future for The BulletProof Ghost.\\

-Jake dh

Monday, May 9, 2016

The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades' Rough Draft is done!

So I know it had been a while since I've had anything resembling a decent update, but as of about twenty minutes ago, the second book in The BulletProof Ghost series in its most basic form, is done.  The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is longer than Prototypes, which is part of the reason it took so long to finish.  There were other reasons, but there are previous entries in this blog to explain that.

The synopsis of the new book begins with the fallout from Prototypes (spoilers for Prototypes ahead).  After Kyle Richard was forced to kill four of his five bullies due to William Kintaxin's rage program being activated in Kyle's brain nodes (cybernetic nervous system enhancement); he has to figure out where he fits in the world.  The guilt of his actions (though more or less against his will) weigh heavy on the young cyborg.  Four leaves town to secure funds for creating a base of operations so the two don't have to squat at Kevin Hedwin's house.

Kyle comes into conflict with a criminal organization known as The Spades.  They are run by Mayor Rudolph Vyle, who is also the murdered Nick's father.  Vyle's rampage to find who killed his son puts Kyle's friends, Al and Irene into the crosshairs.  Kyle must not only save his friends, but the soul of his hometown.

I don't want to ruin too much, but I'll have a preview up within a month or so.  I know, waiting sucks, but I want the book to be good.  Honestly, even in rough draft form, I think that In Spades is better than Prototypes.  All of the origin story and technology explaining is out of the way and I felt free to just tell a story.

I'll be ordering a new cover soon so my posts will have a picture to go with them.  I'm not going with the same artist I did last time, so I'll have to shop around... as it were.

If you haven't read The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes, then you should go to The Website and order a copy or get the digital version.  There is a preview on Amazon, Smashwords and this blog.

Once I get the second draft finished and editing begins, I'll hold a pre-order program for In Spades, sort of.
 I'm going to run a GoFundMe in order to:
                          A. Fund a possible release tour for The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades
                          B. Allow a psuedo pre-order system

This means that I might have a prolonged tour for the release of In Spades (fingers crossed), but also that anyone who wants to put money down can reserve their book early AND get a signed copy of not only In Spades, but the 2nd edition of Prototypes as well.  There will be other rewards of course, but those will be announced later.

Thanks for the support so far.  I will try to get over my social anxieties and do local events in Evansville and Owensboro (and possibly a couple of other places) sans crowd funding, provided people will go to get signed copies of the books.  Maybe I'll be allowed to do a Q & A if you want something like that.

The BulletProof Ghost will emerge again.

-Jake dh