Sunday, July 10, 2016

You can now Pre-Order The Bullet Proof Ghost: In Spades!

Click the link below to Preorder BPG: In Spades or many other rewards!

Yes, it's finally here!  Your chance to get a signed copy of the second novel in The BulletProof Ghost saga before anyone else does.  The main event is at the top of the rewards: For only $10 you get a copy of BPG: In Spades signed by the author Jake dh and editor Sarah Harris.  You will also get a digital copy of the previous book, BPG: Prototypes to get you up to speed if you missed it.  This digital copy can be sent to you the moment you order it if you wish, so while we put the finishing touches on the book, you can read the introduction to The BulletProof Ghost universe.

There are several other rewards including button pins, t-shirts, signed art and having your name and physical description incorporated into the third book in the series (which is currently being written).  All of the custom rewards will be exclusive to this Indiegogo, so get yours before the end of the campaign.  

The money from this campaign will go into printing costs, advertising and a book tour that will reach into next year.  How many stops will there be on the tour?  That depends on how many backers we have and how much we raise. 

Thanks in advance and I appreciate every dollar pledged.  I can't wait to release this book and with your help the launch will be better than Prototypes' launch by a hundred fold.  


-Jake dh

Also:  There are two secret perks that cannot be accessed through the Indiegogo and only through this blog, social media and the website.  This is a special thanks you to everyone who's followed my work through the years.

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