Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Kickstarter is up and Running

  Check out the Kickstarter here.  In case you're new, Kickstarter is a crowd funding website.  On KS you can pledge amounts of money and earn rewards.  The reward levels range from $1 to $2,500 and include Issue #1 of the comic, both physical and digital, a full on statuette/figure of BPG, posters, production credits, special edition graphic novels and promotional materials.  You can even be part of the BPG team at Comic Con and help us at our booth.

The process starts by clicking on that link and choosing a reward level (located on the right side of the page).  If you aren't registered on Kickstarter, then go through that process, which involves getting registered on Amazon.  Buying a reward level is like buying a product on Amazon, so you know you're not getting gypped (not that I would rip anyone off in any case).

If our goal of $4,000 isn't reached, NO MONEY is taken out of your account.  This by extension means that the project received $0.  If this Kickstarter doesn't work out, I'm not sure of the future of BPG.

Pledge as soon as you can.  The Kickstarter ends November 9, but the more we have pledged right away, the more legitimacy the project has.  You can increase, decrease or even cancel your pledge at anytime before Nov 9.  Thanks for the support and we can make this happen together.  If this is funded fully, I'll probably throw some sort of party, so if you're local or semi-local, you will be more than invited and I'll post the details on here, twitter, facebook, etc.

Jake dh

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