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BPG Bios: Kyle Richard aka Cybernetic Prototype 005 aka The BulletProof Ghost

This is the first entry in the BPG bios series, so it's only fitting that The BulletProof Ghost is the first segment in the series.  This will have moderate spoilers.  The end of Prototypes (still being edited at the moment) will not be spoiled, nor will the events leading up to the end.  

Kyle Richard/ Cybernetic Prototype 005/ The BulletProof Ghost

Real Name: Kyle Jacob Richard

Aliases: Cybernetic Prototype 005 (William's designation), The BulletProof Ghost (media title given in the second volume The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades; this is adopted by Kyle himself eventually.  In the first volume, Prototypes, Josh Conright calls Kyle a ghost and mutters the words, 'Invincible. Invisible.'), assorted juvenile insults by Nick, Josh and co.

Hometown: Dilbane, Indiana, United States of America

Birthdate: July 26, 1997 (the year may change or never be officially defined)

Gender: Male

Race: Mostly Caucasian

Height: 4 feet 8 inches at 13 years, 5 feet 8 inches at final height

Weight: 85 lb at 13, 343 lb in cybernetic form

Hair color: Blond before death, White after cybernetic conversion

Eye color: Blue before death, replaced with White ocular implants

Abilities: After cybernetic conversion, super strength (less so in his flesh and blood arm, which is his right arm), Diametal armor is extremely strong (only heavy artillery, thermite or Biodisian weaponry can penetrate or damage), flight due to kinetic boosters/stabilizers, kinetic blade can slice through anything except other kinetic fields, masking device can render invisible to the eye (the drawback is massive power usage), masking device also scrambles sensor systems with the drawback of alerting sensor of jamming, accelerated healing due to nanites in blood stream, moderate repair to synthetic systems due to nanites.

Brain Node Network (BNN) allows Kyle to have a photographic memory and has a functionally infinite memory store, can access wireless networks and devices operating in conjunction, moderate hacking skills (said skills pale in comparison to Four's abilities).  Multiple fighting and military techniques stored in BNN. 

Energy blaster can take pure Energy in his Source and convert it into kinetic, heat, heat extraction (freezing), explosive and several others including the self damaging pure Energy blast.  (More info on these subjects in BPG Universe series)

Short History: Kyle Richard was a good kid who lived in a small town in Southern Indiana.  Dilbane was his home, but also his hell to some extent.  The current mayor's son Nick Vyle, Josh Conright and a few other boys picked on Kyle and turned his classmates against him (excluding his two best friends).  This bullying turns into a series of vicious beatings, a bike chase that ended in Kyle being severely injured and then tragically his accidental killing.
Kyle returned as the Cybernetic Prototype 005.  He was resurrected by a mysterious man named William the Creator. Kyle was aged physically to about 25 in the span of three years (a process involving specially programmed nanites).  William put Kyle through a series of tests, which end in him sparing the life of the previous prototype, who Kyle nick names Four.
William keeps his endgame secret, but given Kyle's abilities and how brutal his training is, it can't be good.  Kyle must decide to be the killing machine William has turned him into or forge his own destiny.  Or will the decision be made for him?


Karen Richard: Karen is Kyle's mother.  She tried to help Kyle in childhood and worked hard to provide for her son as a single mother.  Kyle never met his father.  Richard is Karen's maiden name.  After Kyle's 'death', her life falls apart.  She can't deal with burying her son and turns to hard drugs.

Irene Hedwin: Irene is one of two Kyle's best friends.  She takes up for Kyle when the popular girls make fun of him. She tries to keep Kyle from exacting revenge against Nick after the first beating in the book.  He doesn't listen, which she scolds him for.  Kyle died in her arms after he was stabbed.  It was the defining moment in her life, at least until Kyle returns.

Albert Maddington III: Al is Kyle's other best friend.  He is athletic, which causes friction with other jocks, who love torturing Kyle.  Al helps Kyle plan his post beating revenge.  Al is rich and hated private school, so his father let him go to Dilbane Middle School.  Al isn't interested in his father's business oriented world, much to his father's disapproval.
Al is shattered after Kyle's death.  His father moves him to Japan, but when his dad moves back to the states, Al convinces him to move back into their old house (which they still owned).  Al returns to Dilbane for his final year of high school.

Cybernetic Prototype 004: Four failed his original trials.  William gave him an ultimatum: defeat the fifth prototype and become his new right hand.  Four was defeated, but Kyle spared his life.  Kyle is Four's connection to the rest of society, since Four can't remember his life before waking up in William's fortress.  Four's loyalty to William switches to Kyle, but this turns into a full on friendship.

William the Creator:  Kyle was resurrection, artificially aged and turned into a cyborg by William for unknown reasons.  William has a totalitarian attitude toward Kyle as his creation.  Kyle and Four have explosives in their spines as a bargaining chip since they could kill William easily if they wanted to.  Kyle wanted to trust William until he ordered him to murder Four.  He still adheres to William's plans until one simulation makes him realize he may not be able to go through his final test.

Nick Vyle and Josh Conright: Nick and Josh are the main bullies that torture Kyle.  Nick has confidence issues and Josh wants to be in the 'in crowd' at school, but has instances of reluctance.  Nick uses his father's position of mayor to keep out of trouble, which boosts his arrogance even more.
Nick accidentally kills Kyle while threatening him about a note he thought Kyle had put in his locker.  He slipped in a puddle of water, plunging the knife in his hand into Kyle's stomach.  Nick and Josh ran, leaving Kyle for dead.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into the BPG Universe.  More news, updates and bios to come.

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