Sunday, August 28, 2016

End of The Indiegogo Pre-Order Campaign and Big Bang book signing

Jake dh in New York City, right before The Pitch Slam
So, if you came to Big Bang, Comics and Toys on Saturday, thank you.  I knew a couple of people who showed up, so that was nice.  Secondly, I apologize that I was not able to take credit/debit cards due to my Square not working due to registration issues.   I didn't try to set up the account until that morning, so yeah, my bad.  I sold a button pin and a couple of books.  I would have sold more, but... yeah the card thing.

I'm not sure when my next signing event will be, but I'll post here on the blog and various other social media accounts when I know.  I hope to visit some indie bookstores in the coming months.

The next big thing: if you didn't preorder The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades before now, then you can't before its release.  I thought that I could continue to take preorders on Indiegogo after the campaign was over, but I didn't hit my goal, so they shut that shit down.  At least I know now.  

The last couple of months have been hard, but that is because I'm actually trying.  I had put my writing on the back shelf last year due to the YouTube channel I was trying to get off of the ground.  I'm putting myself out there now as a writer.  It isn't easy.  I don't get a lot of criticism.  Instead, it's just apathy; a lack of giving a shit.  I try not to be arrogant, which I think makes me a less effective salesman.  I didn't intend to be a salesman when I started writing again.

Here's an example:  I have a person at my job-job who will remain unnamed.  He's on his second reading of the book.  He loves BPG: Prototypes and says he can't wait to read In Spades.  He didn't preorder a copy on the Indiegogo.  He also said on several occasions that he'd put up a review on Amazon.  He hasn't.  I only had one relative give to the campaign.  That is heart breaking.  This is by far the worst crowdfunding campaign I've ever done and the last one was bad.

The only reason I did that campaign was because I had seven people personally tell me at work that they were interested in pledging.  I was ecstatic.  All of those pledges right out of the gate would have given me a solid base to build off of.  It would have given me an aura of legitimacy.  Only one person at work pledged to the campaign.  I suspect that was only because we worked next to each other one day and he could tell the whole situation had me upset.

I'm not upset now.  I'm pushing forward full speed ahead.  I'm not slowing down.  At some point, I will find my audience or I will have a big breakthrough.

Thanks for the support so far.  I'll see you later.

-Jake dh

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