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Kickstarter Reward Comparison

In case you're new to The BulletProof Ghost or Kickstarter, I'll give you the low down before I get into the rewards comparisons.  Kickstarter is a crowd funding website where people can pledge money towards different art projects.  Backers (as they're called) don't give money out of the kindness of their hearts.  Though most of them definitely want to see the projects come to fruition, the pot is sweetened by the rewards they are promised. 

The person running the Kickstarter Campaign promises rewards for each level of contribution.  The backers have to be registered with Kickstarter (just like all other websites with accounts and log ins) and they also need to have an account with a debit/credit card attached.  Then it's as simple as buying a VHS or a Sega Genesis cartridge (too old school?  It's like buying anything else on Amazon).  This means that the person running the Kickstarter can't pull more money out of your account or what have you.

Each money amount corresponds to a level within the campaign reward system.  Here is the first Kickstarter we did last year for an example.  This pics aren't showing up now for some reason... probably to save storage space since it's no longer active... Enjoy...

Pledge $1 or more:
Last year: Thanks on the website.

This year: Thanks on the website and in the comic both hard copy and digital.
Hopefully that will help a little.

Pledge $5 or more:
Last Year: All of the Above and Thanks in The BulletProof Ghost Issue #1: The Trials of Cybernetic Prototype 005 as well as a free digital copy of the issue.

This Year: Same, plus a free button pin.
I thought about giving a hard copy of Issue #1, but I would have to raise the goal amount, because I wouldn't be making anything off of the $5 level... so a button pin it is... I promise it will be a sweet ass button pin.

Pledge $10 or more:
Last Year: There was no $10 level.

This Year: All of the Above and Free Hard Copy of Issue #1, signed by Jake Harris and Scott Loesch.
Last year, you had to pledge $15 to get Issue #1's hard copy.  I'm bringing it a whole level down.  If you just want the comic, then $10 and I'll throw in the digital version, thanks on the website/in the comic and the sweet ass button pin.

Pledge $15 or more:
Last Year: All of the Above and Free Hardcopy of Issue #1, signed by Jake Harris and Scott Loesch; plus a free digital version of the script.

This Year: Same minus the digital version of the script.  I posted the scripts online since I did the first Kickstarter, there's no point in sending backers versions of the script at the moment.  The ADDITION will be a promotional comic with bios of all of the characters from the first arc.  This will more than likely include artwork not seen in the comic itself, as well as characters that won't be seen until later issues.  The only other way to get this Promo Comic, is to be at a convention that we're promoting at.  Last year this appeared as a bonus with the $100 level.

Pledge $20 or more:
Last Year: No $20 Level

This Year: All of the Above plus second hard copy with alternate cover.  This was originally at the $50 level, but this level seems more fitting for another hard copy.  The alternate cover will be funded directly from this campaign.  It will be an image of Kyle and Four facing off against each other with William in the background watching his creations destroy each other.

Pledge $25 or more:
Last Year: No $25 Level.  I skipped from $15 to $30 last time, which was a mistake.  People like to pledge at all types of levels and cutting those levels out might have been a deterrent.  I also maybe thought it would force people to pledge higher, which was a dick move and I apologize, besides I paid for it with an unsuccessful Kickstarter.

This Year: All of the Above plus a softback graphic novel version of Issue #1 with all concept art, promotional bio information, biographies on the creators and a preview to Issue #2.  I checked the pricing on Ka-blam and this is not only doable, but will give the backer all BPG content to date (at that point and time).  If we get over funded, I may even throw a little more into the graphic novel.

Pledge $30 or more:
Last Year: All of the above and BPG T-Shirt.

This year:  This level is the same... a bitchin' T-Shirt is yours with all of the other goodies at this level.  This is the best deal in my opinion.

Pledge $50 or more:
Last Year: All of the Above and also a special limited edition with alternate cover (Signed by Scott and Jake) and all concept art.

This Year:  This is now the $20 Level minus the concept art, which is now part of the $25 level.  Which leaves the question what will now happen to the $50 level... all of the other levels will be the same... $50 will now get you a large poster of the cover of Issue #1.  If the project is over funded, this may contain original art.

All of the other Levels will be the same, except $500 level.

Pledge $100 or more:
All of the Above and have likeness drawn into a minor character in actual comic as well as a signed and framed version of the panel in which you appear in.
Pledge $250 or more
All of the Above and Free ticket to Chicago Comic Con 2014 as part of the promotion crew. If the project has enough funding or the comic sells well enough, this may be changed to San Diego.  The only problem is if you can't make it to which ever convention (if there is a backer that can go to Chicago and not San Diego, I will make it 100% Chicago)... if you can't make it to either, but want something of equal value, I will grant you that.  Just message me through Kickstarter once the campaign begins (my name's Jake Harris).
Pledge $500 or more
Last Year: All of the Above and will help us run the booth/table at Chicago Comic Con 2012 as part of the promotion crew. 
This Year: This sounds like I'm putting the $500 back to work, which I didn't think about at the time I put this up.  If you give at $250, I don't see why if you wanted to help with the booth, why you couldn't.  I didn't think this one out last year, which is why the highest backer was at $200... he didn't want to get put to work.  So the $500 level is now All of the Above, plus all materials related to this First Arc of BPG.  This means you have faith that the comic will continue past Issue #1, but all graphic novels, comics, promotional materials, etc.  The first arc will more than likely be 6 issues long.  This will not include figures at first, but may if they are mass marketed later on.  It costs a lot to get that ball rolling.
Pledge $1,000 or more:
All of the Above and Free hotel stay and food ($100 allowance) for Chicago Comic Con 2014 as part of the promotion crew.
I don't think this will happen, but if you funded a fourth of this campaign and it succeeded?  You'd be worshipped the whole time you were hanging with us at Comic Con.  I'm also not promising it'll be a nice hotel... but we'll be in the same boat.
Pledge $2,500 or more
All of the Above and a custom made statuette of The BulletProof Ghost.

This costs hundreds of dollars to put in motion, but once it's made, I can make others for cheaper.  This will be over 50% of the funding.

Pledge $5,000 or more
0 backers
All of the above, every volume of BPG ever to be released as well as every piece of merch, advertising, and possible visits to the making of any alternate medium BPG expands to (animated, cinema, etc.). Something this huge would earn our eternal thanks and everything that follows will be result of your generosity.
I left the amount of backers on this one.  This is $1,000 more than we need to get the project rolling.  I might even interest anyone who wants to throw this type of money at my dream in a profit sharing agreement.  Message me at if that is up your alley.
Well there it is.  I'll be putting the Kickstarter up before I go to sleep tonight, unless there is a complication of some sort (wouldn't surprise me).  Thanks for the interest.
-Jake dh

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