Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waiting... Please Stand By

Well if you hadn't noticed, the Kickstarter for BPG has been delayed for weeks.  Due to new regulations Amazon Payments need way more info than they used to.  I originally labeled BPG in the wrong business category (I would hardly call it a business at this point).  So I had to cancel my old account and start a new one.  Now they need my ID, so I sent it and they said it was too blurry.  So now I have to send it again.  So that's where we're at currently.  Waiting for Azon Pay to stop holding up the process.

Once this is all done, the Kickstarter can begin.  The Twitter Feed is the best place to get by the minute updates on the goings on of the comic. 

I was also considering using my own funds to get a page of in-comic art made, but something important came up... more news on that next week.  Stay Tuned.

-Jake dh

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