Sunday, September 21, 2014

Updates: BPG: In Spades, Geek Galaxy and Feedback on Prototypes

So, the link on the right for the physical copy has been converted into the Amazon version.  I've given several  copies of Prototypes away to friends, family and co-workers.  The feedback has been really positive.  One of my friends said he didn't know what to expect, but not what was happening in the first chunk of the book.  I guess he expected a normal super hero origin, but I tried to buck a lot of those conventions.  Origin stories are normally a little clunky and I wanted to avoid that.

I'm trying to figure out the marketing side of the self publishing biz, but I'm still stabbing in the dark without the funds I need.  I may end up doing an IndyGoGo in order to afford Geek Galaxy.  I also need more reviews for Amazon.  In order to use the newletter-type promotions, I need more reviews with a 4 star or higher average rating.  BPG Prototypes is at 3.8 due to a goddamned troll giving it a one star rating.

 I suspect it might a some one I knew in college.  His name is Crazy Face, but if you look at his public wishlist it's under the name Davi and it is full of computer and camera equipment.  There is only one person I know/knew that is named David and has those specific interest (he opened up a video service for weddings or something, so that fits even more).  I shouldn't be fretting over this so much, but it's making things hard for me, but I'll overcome.  Haters gonna hate, but it still pisses me off. Once you read the book, please put up review.

*I did get a good 4 star review from a stranger that picked up the book.  This pleases my Kinetic Blade!

The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is coming along nicely.  I have the Prologue and part of the first chapter finished.  I have a lot of scenes in mind, but I'm tempted to write them out of order.  That's not a good idea... but I may do it anyway.  I'm going to try to complete a preview in the next few weeks, since I don't have to work at my job-job next weekend like I thought I might.

Once the preview is done, I'll post it up on here.  I'm also thinking about making a 2nd Edition of Prototypes with a preview to In Spades in the back.  This would be great for Geek Galaxy.

Speaking of, Geek Galaxy has my profile up.  I'm working on a few swag designs.  I'll have pics up on the twitter and instagram.  I'm looking forward to the convention on November 15 and 16, but being the  only straight up author there is going to be a little awkward.

I'll post more updates as they come.  Thanks for the support so far!

-Jake dh

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