Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall 2014 BulletProof Blog Tour

The BulletProof Ghost is on the road... if the internet were a road, which it's not.  BPG is on the virtual road that is other author's blogs!  BPG has been featured on several blogs as of late and I thought is was high time to put them all in one place... which is here.  Check out the links below.  The posts have info that is posted all over this blog, but the author's blogs themselves may interest you.  Enjoy!

This blog refers to BPG: Prototypes as a Mystery, which it is to some extent.  I'll allow it!  Joking aside I've seen Prototypes called a mystery, horror and young adult, so however you interpret it is fine with me as long as you liked it.
And no, that is not a typo... so don't fill up the comments with, 
"Jake's at it again with his goddamn typos."

Andrea is a nice lady with a neat looking blog.  Check it out as she welcomes me to the indie author scene.  Hopefully it isn't like the hard core punk and metal scenes I used to be into... mosh pits are hard on a little guy like me.  Screw it, time to throw some 'bows! (double bass pedals)

There will be more stops on the tour in the coming weeks.  As this page is updated, I'll let you know on the Twitter machine and teh Book of Face.  Laters.

Romance Beckons
Yes, BPG is not a romance series, but the author of this blog does write romance AND she was nice enough to feature me.  Check out the Author Spotlights section to see her book series featured on this page!

Ann Everett Talkin' Twang

Five on Friday Interview
This is a bit different, because it is an actual interview with yours truly (Jake dh!).  Check it out to get an insight into my slightly disturbed psyche.

Lindi Lamont (

Suz DeMello's Velvet Lair
If you couldn't tell from the blog's title, Suz's writing can get a bit steamy. I'm glad she had room for a bullied 13 year old who is turned into an adult cybernetic killing machine.

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