Monday, October 6, 2014

What's Jake Listening To?

Until the Blog Tour starts later this week, there isn't a lot going on in BPG land.  We're still on track for Geek Galaxy.  There are several things that need to be done, but they're moving along nicely.  I donated some copies of Prototypes to Boonville's and Evansville's Public Libraries.  Evansville seemed really happy about, but Boonville, though enthusiastic on the phone, just didn't seem to care when I got there.  Well, that's cool, here's your free books?

Anyway, I thought I'd put up a list of songs I've been listening to while writing.  So here we go!

I haven't listened to Seether a lot a lot for years.  I've been familiar with what they've been putting out, but since Disclaimer, which is one of my favorite albums ever, I hadn't felt like I should run out of my house and buy their most current album.  Well until this song, Words as Weapons, I really like this song and will pick up the CD (yeah I still buy those) as soon as I can.

I'm not that familar with Hands like Houses, but I've heard this song here and there over the last several months.   I only looked up the name of the song and band two weeks ago.  The music video is okay, but I've been listening to a lot more of their stuff on Spotify.

Full Disclosure, this is my sister's band, Osiella, their ad is over to the right if you want to check out their EP.  Miss You More is a good song, but the song named after my son, Xander, isn't on YouTube, so this will have to do for the internets.  Now only if I can convince her to put up a BPG ad on here site/blog.  Can't have everything I guess.

Rise Against is fucking awesome.  I've loved them for 6+ years.  Make It Stop is about the epidemic of teen suicide (with a specific focus on gay teens).  There is a huge problem in the Southwest with families kicking their teens out in the streets once they come out.  That's a fucking tragedy.  I guess I know what it's like when a parent's love is conditional like that (won't go into specifics, but a family member said they would kill them self if I was gay, kill them self, wow).  This song is sad and the music video is just as heart breaking.

I love Legend of Zelda.  I was always curious about the series and played the original here and there, but in 2006, I picked up Twilight Princess and was hooked.  I beat Link to the Past and Link between Worlds in the last couple of months and am working on Hyrule Warriors (beat Legend Mode, working on Adventure).  I feel like I need to beat more games in the series, but Wind Waker is my favorite, but in a series like this, it is hard to choose.  Twilight Princess is the first one I beat and Midna's Lament is my favorite tune from any of the games.  If you have ever been curious about the Zelda series, TP is a good starting point.

Modest Mouse is one of the those bands that made up the soundtrack to my college experience.  Jet, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Tool, The White Stripes, A Perfect Circle, I could go on, but MM is a band that used to be on the radio nonstop while I was driving to USI/ITT.  This is a newer song and it's awesome.  The video is crazy and funny (it's about fisherman).

That's about it for the time being.  I'll be writing a ton next week as I've been busy this week with promotional stuff, so writing in BPG: In Spades has taken a back seat.  I'm done with the first chapter and I'm pretty happy with it.  There's action, character development as well as the ever difficult exposition.  I hope to make it halfway through Chapter 2 next weekend, but with my wife's 10 year reunion and Fall Fest in Eville, we'll see.  I'm more concerned about quality than the speed it's written.  

Thanks for the support and pick up Prototypes if you haven't yet.

-Jake dh 


  1. Thanks for featuring and sharing Osiella! Much love!

  2. No problem, Theo. There's an ad for Osiella on the right side of the full site. It goes to your EP.