Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BPG Swag y'alls!

Updates: I'm not going to do the giveaway until next week.  I'll post the rules as well as a video explaining the whole thing.

I am not doing an IndyGoGo for Geek Galaxy.  I got too ambitious with what I wanted to have made before the campaign and... none of it got made.  So, I guess I need to aim lower, at least for now.

The good news is I've created the designs for some of the swag.  The bad news is I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for the amount I need for the con.  You don't want to hear about that.  So designs!

I've created designs for License Plates:

This first one is for fans of the series.  It's simple and uncluttered.

This is uncomplicated and gives fans of the series something to flaunt.  Jealous?

This next one is for me and my ilk.  This is for advertising purposes.

This has the quote from The Book Sisters review as well as their star rating, the website incorporated into the title and a QR code for scanning.  The QR code leads to the amazon page of instant purchasing, not the website.
I like the advertising one, so I'll have this on sale at Geek Galaxy, but in lesser numbers.  I made these from the image that Covers by AEP created for me.

This is the first t-shirt image.  It's just the comic image with titles added.  It's simple, but I think it'll make a nice shirt.

If you want this on your body, I can help you with that... I mean... no, I'm sticking with that.

This is for the white shirts, but I'll make sure when the black shirts are made, I have a handful of these on hand.  The main black shirt design will just be the textless logo on a black cotton shirt.

I think that image is subtle, but effective.  

If you can't make it to Geek Galaxy some of the merch, email me at and we'll work something out until I can get a store up and going on the website.

That's all I have at the moment.  I'm going to get some button pins ordered.  My dad has a sublimation machine, so some of this can be done this weekend.  Keep an eye on the instagram (link above) to keep up on all of the pics related to BPG.

Also if you haven't picked up your copy of BPG:Prototypes... well here.  Put up a review as soon as you read it.  I need all of the feedback I can get.  I'm writing the next book in the series, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades, as I type... that's not right... anyway.  Check out the website as well  The updates from that blog go straight to the website now. 

 Thanks for the support and stay tuned.  

-Jake dh

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