Sunday, February 9, 2014

BPG Universe: DiaMetal

This is the fourth entry in the BPG Universe series of posts.  DiaMetal was originally called Invincialloy.  Invincialloy is long, hard to pronounce and not accurate.  It's a name I came up with when I was 14 and never bothered to change, until now.  DiaMetal is not invincible.


DiaMetal is the type of alloy/metal that the Biodisian cyborgs and synthetics are made out of.  All of the BulletProof Ghosts armor and synthetic implants are made of DiaMetal (except for his eye lenses).  Creator William's Fortress is reenforced with DiaMetal.  Most of the Envirooms are lined with the substance (more on Envirooms later).

DiaMetal is stronger than steel, but is not indestructible.  There are conventional, non-Biodisian technology that can damage DiaMetal, but only high level military weaponry.  There is no type of conventional bullet that can pierce DiaMetal.  Theoretically DiaMetal bullet propelled with a kinetic Energy burst could punch through a cyber/synth's armor, but William considers bullets to be a savage's weapon.

DiaMetal is created through a process that involves taking a Biodisian metal that is more or less as strong as steel and combining it at the molecular level with diamonds.  The result is a metal that has the hardness of diamonds and steel while ridding itself of diamond's shatter points.  It keeps the flexability of metal.

In, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades, Kyle recieves his title (as well as the title of the series) due to his DiaMetal armor being impervious to gunfire.  The other half comes from the masking device's effect.

Other ways DiaMetal can be damaged or destroyed:

1. Some conventional weaponry: High powered rockets and explosives (C4) can damage or in some cases, breach DiaMetal.

2. Kinetic Blades: Kinetic Blades can slice through most known matter, including DiaMetal.

3. Pure Energy: Pure Energy (capitalized Energy) atomizes all matter that it comes in tact with.  DiaMetal has some resistance to this, but only compared to conventional metals.  Synth and cybernetic power sources are made out of this Energy.  Energy blasters have the ability to shoot pure Energy, but only one or two small bursts before their blasters malfunction from being slight atomized on the inside.  A fully charge blast may disintegrate the DiaMetal arm attatched to the blaster.

4.  Most high powered Energy blasts:  Explosive and heat blasts can damage DiaMetal if charged to high enough levels.  Only a fully charged kinetic blast can dent DiaMetal armor.

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