Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Final draft woes and delayed release...

So, first off, things are moving faster than I thought in one way.  The one way being that Sarah is reading and editing BPG: Prototypes.  The problem is that she is really thorough about how she edits.  This is great for quality.  The story's style is being improved two fold.  I tend to describe things in far to much detail, which makes the story too long and takes the reader out of the story.  She completed 5 out of 91 pages tonight (we're talking full pages, not paperback or even hardback).  I don't think she's going to do this for this long ever single night.

This may end up pushing the release back to March, late March.  This isn't a bad thing.  I've learned a lesson to take each chapter or section and have Sarah edit it, which will stretch the process out, instead of piling it all on her at once.  I'm really happy with how the story is turning out, but frustrated with having to wait for release.  The book will be much better as a result, so I'll be patient, but that typically isn't one of my virtues.

I joked that she was going to bust me down to novelette status, but a lot of the removed content, is really being rearranged for a more concise story.  The action/fight sequences are more focused on the fighting, rather than the thoughts of Kyle/Five.  The thoughts and feelings are still there, but in their own sections.  This increases the tension in the fights.

I've been getting a lot more followers on my social networking sites.  Thanks for the interest and I promise, I'll have a preview out by the weekend.  It just may be another month after that before the full novel is released.  I've been off work the last two days, because of weather, so I've had time to focus on BPG, but normally I have very little time to work on the social networking or editing aspects of BPG.  I tend to beast it on the weekends when everyone else is asleep.

Stay tuned.

-Jake dh

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