Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Beginning is Nigh

His death is only the beginning of the story

So for many of you who've been following The BulletProof Ghost, it's been a long journey.  In 2011, I started to try to take an idea I had for years (since high school) and turn it into a comic book/graphic novel.  This process went through two Kickstarters(Kickstarter 1 and Kickstarter 2) and ultimately didn't get the needed funding.  This was at the end of 2013.

Scott's Loesch's high detail sketch of BPG

The finalized Comic Promotional Art by

I hit a wall and wasn't sure where to go.  Originally BPG was going to be a novel series, but the original versions were written when I was in high school and needed to be restarted from absolute scratch.  I refused to look at the old versions and used the comic scripts as a framework.  A lot changed about the plot due to not having to worry about the cost of artwork.  

The BullProof Ghost: Prototypes, the first volume, has been more or less finished, but unedited for a few months now.  My wife and I had our first child and things were super busy for a while. Editing took a back seat to little baby Xander.
Mr. Baby Sleepy-Face

Now the book is edited (with a couple of alterations needed during the weekend).  

The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes should be released on 
Saturday, August 9, 2014.

This is the date for the DIGITAL version.  I hope to have the physical version out, but that may take an extra week or so.  I'll keep you posted when I know for sure.

Thanks for the patience through the years and I hope this is the only the beginning of a multi-saga novel series.  Who knows, maybe BPG can travel to other media if the readership increases enough.  I've given thought to a possible web series in the future, but one step at a time.  Stay tuned.

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