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Bio Page for Arc 1

So I took this off of the Wix page, because I apparently altered the bio page, but didn't save it in word.  I can already tell you that Blogger formats documents 500% better than the wix blog.  Everything is basically the way I had it in word, so if you had trouble reading the scripts before, give it another try.  The non-linear script, what will be the Issue #1 of the real comic if Kickstarter is successful will be up this morning as will the Kickstarter page (unless I run into problems). Enjoy.

BulletProof Ghost Bio Arc 1
Kyle Richard (age 13): Kyle is short for his age. He is four feet ten inches tall. He is Caucasian and has blond hair and blue eyes. His hair is medium length, parted to the side. He typically wears t-shirts and jeans. Low to mid quality clothes due to mother having middle level income. Father’s whereabouts are unknown. His father left his mother when he was one year old.
Irene Hedmin (age 13): Irene is normal height for her age. She is five foot two. She is African American (dark skin, but possibly mixed race [white/black]), so maybe a little lighter. She has black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is slightly shorter than her shoulders. She normally wears it in pigtails or parted in the middle. Her father is middle-lower income so the quality of her clothes reflects that.

Albert Maddington III a.k.a. Al (age 13): Al is tall for his age. He his five feet ten inches tall. His father is rich and his clothing quality reflects this. He wears button down shirts and khakis most of the time. Al is Caucasian. Al has a buzzed hair cut, but not shaven quality smooth. His hair color is brown. His eyes are green. He is muscular for a thirteen year old.

Karen Richard (ages 35-40): At the beginning of the arc Karen is 35 years old. She is five feet five inches in height. She has blond hair like her son and green eyes. She wears low cost, but nice clothing. After the conclusion of issue two (now issue 3, May 2013) and when we see her five years later at age 40 she looks older than she is due to drug and alcohol abuse. She has more wrinkles, but still retains her previous beauty. Her clothing quality is essentially the same, but more worn, like she hasn’t bought a new set of clothing since the conclusion of issue two.
Kevin Hedmin (ages 37-42) Kevin is six feet six inches tall. He is a African American (very dark skinned). He is Irene’s father. He wears sweaters and black pants, but is seen with his white general store apron more often than not due to him working most of the day. He is in decent shape, but he gains a little weight in the five year in between period.
Nick Vyle (age 13): Nick is five feet six inches tall. He is Caucasian. He has red curly hair and green eyes. His hair length is relatively short. His father is rich. His clothing is high quality. He wears short sleeve polo’s most of the time.
Joshua Conright a.k.a. Josh (age 13) Josh is five feet six inches tall. He has black hair and is slightly shaggy. His eyes are brown. His father is also rich. He wears button up short sleeved shirts mostly.
Mayor Rudolph Vyle: Mayor Vyle looks the same through the arc. He is balding and wears square, brown rimmed glasses. He wears suits due to his political position and social status.
Dr. George Conright: George is seen once in the arc but his involvement is crucial to the end of the arc. He will be seen in the Decimation arc much later on in the series. His is completely bald and looks about fifty. He wears a suit like Mayor Vyle. He is the coroner for the town.
Cybernetic Prototype 004 a.k.a. Four (age unknown): Four is six feet one inch tall. Four is East Asian. His specific decent is unknown (Japanese/Chinese more than likely). Four’s body is mostly synthetic. He has both arms replaced by mechanical appendages. He has two wrist blades, one on each hand, each about eight inches in length originally. His legs from the thigh down are mechanical. The bottoms of his feet have blue glass like circles (these are his kinetic boosters). He has these glass-like boosters are other parts of his body for stabilization while in flight. Four’s abdomen is metal (this is where is energy core is stored); his neck, chest, and head are human. His pelvic area and reproductive system is organic as well, but obviously is normally covered.
His energy blaster is on his right arm. It rises up out of his forearm. This is behind his wrist blade. Four’s armor is grey, except for his eye pieces, which are black, and circular. The blue stabilizers and boosters are visible (when the bottoms of his feet are seen); his armor is made to accommodate his flight ability.

The BulletProof Ghost a.k.a. Cybernetic Prototype 005 a.k.a. Kyle Richard (age 18): Kyle is now Cybernetic Prototype 005. Kyle is five foot seven inches tall. His cybernetic enhancements are differently proportioned than Four’s. Kyle’s head, chest, and right arm are organic; as are his pelvic area and reproductive system. His legs are the same as Four’s in terms of what is synthetic. Kyle’s left arm is cybernetic. His wrist blade is longer than Four’s; it is one foot, six inches in length. His energy blaster is located on the side of his left arm (due to his wrist blade being on the top).
Kyle’s organic portion’s appearance is not normal like Four’s. Four looks normal for an Asian man if he were clothed correctly, this is impossible for Kyle. Kyle’s skin is the whitest white; pale as powder. His eyes are white; he has no pupils, and in panel it may be difficult to tell where he is looking, for the other characters, due to this. Kyle is bald and cannot grow hair in his current form. Reasoning for this is given in Issue 2 (in its most current form May 2013).
Kyle’s armor is black and his eye pieces are angular and blue. His stabilizers and boosters can be seen like Four’s armor. Later after taking the name The BulletProof Ghost, he incorporates more blue into his armor design.

William a.k.a. Kintaxin (age 1003 years old): William is seven feet tall. William appears to be a Caucasian man with black hair and black eyes initially. He wears Asian-like button up shirts, slacks, and lace-less shoes. His hair is longer than shoulder length and is parted in the middle.
After the revelation of his past, his skin color is blue, black, yellow and scaly. He has fangs on the top of his mouth, but are short enough to be hidden when he closes his mouth. His hair is the same, but with a slight blue tint. The fangs are NOT visible in his human form. His eyes are still black, but now instead of his pupils and cornea, it’s his entire eye. This is his Kintaxin form.

Irene Hedmin (age 18): Irene is five foot six in her teenage form. She has longer hair with red highlights. Her hair is in a pony tail or braided. She wears glasses now. She wears slightly more revealing clothing (belly button, a little cleavage, that sort of thing).
Al (age 18): Al is six feet three inches tall. Al has trained in martial arts for the previous five years and is muscular and lean, not overly bulky. He has longer hair now (for him), spiked up or in a faux hawk. He wears trench coats and baggy clothing to conceal his sais or other various hand to hand weapons.

Nick Vyle (age 18): Nick is five feet ten inches tall. His hair and features are the same, but in semi-adult form. This may change in time, but for the present, this is the plan.
Josh Conright (age 18): Josh is six feet tall. He is for the most part the same as his 13 year old persona appearance wise, but just older. His hair is longer than in his 13 year old form.

End of Bio Page

This is to garner interest in the story. I was vague in the first Kickstarter so I wouldn't give away plot twists, but that won't matter if I cannot get the funding. I need all of the attention I can get.
I changed a lot more of the details than I remember, but I'll add more before I give it to the artist. The environment damage of the right needs some additions, but I may leave that up to the artist. There are sections with a lot of space due to each page in the comic is one or more pages of the script, that's the way they're formatted. Enjoy.

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