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BPG Universe: Energy Blaster, Boosters and Kinetic Blades

This is the second post in the BPG Universe series.  Since Energy generation, alteration and transference are all connected, all of the tools that use this tech(within the first volume) will be in this post.  Most of this is touched on in the volume as the story progresses, but this gives a more in depth look into how the technology works.  The Power Source will be in a separate article.

Energy Blaster:  Energy Blaster is the nickname Cybernetic Prototype 005 (aka Kyle Richard aka BPG) uses for the Energy Transference and Dispersal Units (ETDUs).  These are weapons that can be used to fire projectiles made of certain types of energy.  The energy, depending on the type, takes on a different color to the naked eye.  Kinetic is the most used energy type, which takes on a light blue color.  For instance:

In the picture, BPG's stabilizers and kinetic blade are lit up with kinetic energy.  Kinetic Energy is defined as the energy which an object possesses due to its motion. In this case there is no 'object'.  The stabilizers push BPG in different directions as he flies.  The boosters on the bottom of his feet at made exclusively for kinetic energy usage, the motion of which is headed in the direction away from his feet.  This has the opposite effect of pushing BPG away from the ground and propelling him upward (or whatever the opposite direction the bottoms of his feet are facing).

The energy blaster's kinetic energy hits an object in the form of a ball of light.  The light dissipates once the energy is expended either by going a long distance and having the friction of the air use up its energy store or more likely, hitting an object.  This has the effect of a minor or extreme concussive force, equaling anywhere from a light tap to the force of a wrecking ball swung at full force.

The energy blaster can also use other types of energy such as heat, explosive (which isn't technically an energy type, but is a blast rigged to send out a concussive shock wave), heat extraction (freezing blast), electrical (low levels are very useful for stunning humans) and pure Energy blast.

Heat - Red, Explosive - Orange, Heat Extraction - Deep Dark Blue, Electical - Blue/White with a visible yellow electrical aura, Pure Energy - White

WARNING: Pure Energy is not designed to be shot from an energy blaster, but if safety protocols are waved, can be expelled from a high yield energy blaster.  Hand held units are incapable of producing these blasts.  Pure Energy takes on a white color and cannot safely interact with matter.  The result of combining these two is an atomizing effect on the matter that the Energy interacts with.  The matter simply stops existing as matter and is broken down to its base components.  The more Energy that is used, the more matter is dematerialized.  The energy blaster that fires this blaster will more than likely be damaged in the process, becoming atomized itself, but to a lesser degree due to invincialloy's molecular strength index (which is the result of nano-construction in its creation).  The Power Source inside of Synthetic and Cybernetic Prototypes (as well as William's Fortress) is composed of Pure Energy, is suspended in a Kinetic Field, therefore not touching any matter once it is ignited.

Kinetic Boosters: Touched upon before, Kinetic Boosters expels Kinetic Energy to propel the subject in the opposite direction of the expulsion.  This is normally used to take flight at speeds up to the speed of sound.  Cybers/Synths cannot go much over Mach 1, giving some military aircraft an advantage, but the stealth measures (see previous Masking Device article) can even the odds to some degree.  The other glowing portions are used as stabilizers and conduits to power other parts of Cybernetics (Synthetics).  The conduits look blue due to the kinetic energy used to keep the Pure Energy suspended, regardless if they are being used as stabilizers or conduits.

Kinetic Blade: The Kinetic Blade(s) is the most powerful close range weapon that the Prototypes have.  More deadly than their speed and strength, the KB can cut through any object.  The kinetic field it emits comes to a point and edges.  The results in the pushing effect then becomes a stabbing and slicing effect.

When used, the actual blade doesn't touch an object, only the field.  The blade can deflect energy blasts and can only be stopped by another kinetic blade.  Theoretically if an energy field is strong enough, it can deflect a Kinetic Blade, but such tech doesn't currently exist.  The blade is retracted by molecular compression (using nanites in the blade made only for that purpose).  A similar process is used to retract the various meshes on BPG's armor and body.

These energy stabilizers and the blade can be turned off on command.

A depowered BulletProof Ghost.
Thanks for reading and hopefully this clears up even more info about the tech and concepts in the BPG Universe.  Stay Tuned.

-Jake dh

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