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BPG Universe: What is a Masking Device?

I'm starting a series of posts directed at some of the technology used in The BulletProof Ghost's world.  Most of this tech was invented by Creator William or another Biodisian.  Most of this will be explained in the ebook either directly or indirectly.  This is for those who wish to get a head start.

Masking Device: A piece of technology that makes objects invisible to the naked eye. It works by altering light and reflecting it back in the exact amount needed to make said object not register in the human visual spectrum or similar recording devices.

'Masking' an object requires a large amount of energy.  Standing still Cybernetic Prototypes 004 and 005 (aka Kyle Richard aka The BulletProof Ghost) have their energy drained to around 80%.  While moving at maximum on foot speeds drops this to 70%.  Flying at maximum speed using kinetic boosters drops this to 50%.  Said power sources can recharge if prototype has time to rest.  The amount of energy used is in direct correlation to the amount the device has to adjust its light reflection routines.  Flying at high speeds needs a very high rate of adjustment.

This goes without saying, but it is not recommended for a subject using this technology to engage in a fight with a being of similar stregth and abilities.  In fact even a being of one half the power of subject could be victorious if engaged.  This is due to the large amount of energy that is expended when the Masking Field adjusts to being breached.  If subject isn't flying and waits around one minute before engaging target, full power should be restored if no field breach is encountered.

WARNING: A masking device is made for stealth and information gathering, not for combat.  If hostile engagement with a powerful being is expected, do not use the device to travel to location of encounter or to sneak up on said being.  Using the device to sneak up on non-powered/non-cybernetic human with conventional technology is advised.  This applies to a non militarized group of humans only.  Some military weaponry can damage/breach invincialloy.  Normal projectile/explosive based weaponry used my civilians and even most organized criminals will have difficulty damaging a Kintaxin model Cybernetic Prototype's armor.  Loss of energy is not an issue for most hostile normal human encounters.

If a force as strong as a normal human's punch breaches the field, it will automatically become disrupted.  A rippling effect will ensue, therefore making invisible subject partially visible for a moment.  The adjustment process uses a large amount of energy.  Deactivating the device to a preferred option than trying to adjust for the breach.  The device must stay deactivated for at least ten seconds for normal energy usage levels.  The masking field can be breached without disruption if subject enters slowly.  This only works for expanded fields and obviously not tight fields intended for individuals and stealth.  Originally use for an individual was difficult, because foot falls would disrupt the field, but William has upgraded the field to where this is no longer a problem.

Masking devices also muffle sounds.  The muffling effect doesn't completely eliminate the sound.  Landing from a Kinetic Booster induced flight has the most risk of loud noise (and also is where the masking device user is at their lowest energy level).

As mentioned, the field can expand to resemble a dome.  Kyle uses this method in the linear scripts in the final issue of the first arc to sit on Irene's roof unseen by the world.  Irene enters the field upon Kyle's instruction.  Upon entering the field, light is reduced and one can see a disruption in the dark area where the field exists, but only from the inside.

This technology was used to hide Biodisia before its fate and disassembling by William.  This technology currently hides William's mobile fortress in the Antarctic. This is why Kyle and Four, after the events of 'Prototypes', cannot find William after leaving.

An advanced being or technology can tell if a masking device is blocking their/its sensors.  This is only from a short distance of around 500 feet (152.43567 meters).  The masking device therefore doesn't make the subject 100% invisible to Biodisian tech, but only at that distance.  Even inside this radius, Biodisian tech cannot pinpoint exact location.  Though there are methods that may be useful.  Detonating a low level explosive blast or shooting kinetic blasts in multiple directions for example.

Finally, this device is crucial in the media/public coming up with the name: The BulletProof Ghost.  The exact details of said event take place in Volume 2: In Spades and not in Prototypes (though I may include the chapter in which this happens as a preview after the Epilogue of Volume 1).

Thanks for reading and hopefully this will be useful for all of those interested.  Stay Tuned.

-Jake dh

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