Sunday, January 26, 2014

2nd Draft Status, Release Details and Scoring a free copy of BPG: Prototypes

I went through over half of the 1st draft last night.  Changing a few things here and there, mostly adding details, dialogue and adjusting the timeline to the new one.  The biggest change is that Kyle's return is four years and a couple months after his death instead of a full five years.  This gives Al and Irene the rest of the school year to deal with over the first four to five books.

The 2nd draft is coming along really well.  I was a little scared of the quality when I re-read my work, but with no arrogance, I think everyone will enjoy the story (unless the dark elements are off putting, then... well this isn't your type of story).  I'm about to start the 'Reflections' section that covers the part of the fourth issue of the linear comic scripts (script archive links to the right).

Also I got stuck listening to The Used song Sound Effects and Overdramatics like four times when I was going over some of the Kyle memory sequences.

I don't think the lyrics were reflective of what was going on, but the emotion in the song is spot on... if that makes any sense.

Release Details... I hope to have the first volume out before the end of February.  I should have the 2nd Draft done before I go to sleep.  After that my wife, Sarah, will go over the 2nd draft, giving suggestions for how to make the story a little more streamlined.  Honestly, I've had this story in my head for so long that I may be missing out on details, that if left out, may confuse the reader.


Also, I don't know why it pissed me off, but I was watching Comic Book Men on Netflix.  Walt and Co. went to Dynamite and got a book published with no script and a little art.  Stan Lee gave them a good word and bam, published.  No script.  I know it may be semi-scripted, but this is exactly the type of things that piss me off.  Not only in comics, but in most types of scenarios.  Favors making people successful.  I know that the guys on the show are okay guys and deserve a chance for their vision, but it was their Kevin Smith/Stan Lee/AMC connections that got them published, not their talent.

I couldn't even get one issue of BPG published and had a family member straight up tell me that they would not put $1 into my Kickstarter and everyone else important with a few exceptions just didn't pledge.  Not that their contributions would have mattered in the bigger picture, but with more $ in the beginning the project would have looked more attractive.  Like, 'Oh this guy is like 50% funded, so I'll probably get my reward, so sure I'll pledge,' but that didn't happen.  This doesn't have anything to do with the Ebook, it just sucks.  I've come to the conclusion I cannot count on anyone, unfortunately.  I don't want to be that type of guy, but that seems to be the reality.  I could go into specifics, but I'd end up burning the bridges I have, so yeah.


So, how do you, the hopefully soon to be BPG fan, get a free copy of The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes?  Well once the final draft is... well finalized, I'll line up all of the Amazon Kindle specifics and put up a free copy online.  I will not post the link or make it available by search.  I will send a link to anyone who wants a free copy, in exchange for an Amazon review.  I know there will be several people who do this just to get a free copy and won't put up a review.  I am warning you, that if you do that, I can't take the copy from you, but I will NOT give you a free copy of the second volume for review.  Period.  Your name will be on a list and I will not give you another volume for review, you'll just have to buy the next one.

The reviews will help give the ebook legitimacy.  It may even help sell or put it on some sort of highest review list.  Also if you take a free copy and put up a troll review, I will also put you on the not free stuff list.  If you did not like it and give an honest review, fine.  I don't see why you would want vol 2, but I'll let you have one for another review.  I won't punish honesty, but if you lie about the content or insult me personally... yeah.

With all of the that out of the way, I hope you will enjoy the first volume.  More information to come.  Thanks for everything.

-Jake dh

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