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BPG Universe: Nanites

This is the third post in the BPG Universe series.  I've enjoyed writing these to help flesh out some of the details of The BulletProof Ghost as I write the first draft of Prototypes.

Nanites are microscopic machines built for specific purposes.  In science fiction nanites are generally portrayed as magic-do-anything entities or tools.  In the BPGU nanites are built for specific purposes.  You wouldn't use a screwdriver to drive in a nail.  The multiple types of nanites are used to several purposes.

The main type of nanites referenced in BPG: Prototypes are the Healing Nanites.  These are nanites that are used to boost and assist in biological beings normal healing processes.  This not only speeds up the process of healing (by a 100x depending on the injuries incurred), but keeping the subject alive due to what would normally be considered fatal injuries.  Nervous system injuries are notoriously difficult for the nanites to heal.  Current healing nanites cannot regrow limbs.

Theoretically if a William model Cybernetic Prototype's head is severed, the head will stay alive longer, but there is no process to reconnect the head.  The Nanites cannot repair a completely severed spinal cord.Cybers can lose a large amount of blood with these nanites in their system (in reference to the amount of biological tissue retained by subject).

Resurrection Nanites can resuscitate a dead subject as long as their nervous system has minimal direct damage.  The body must have the nanites administered within 24 hours of death (unless body is frozen after death).  Decomposition after 24 hours will render the nanites useless.  The body must be placed in status for the nanites to repair the damage that resulted in death (once again, these nanites also cannot regrow limbs, but organs can be regrown as long as some tissue of the organ or a type of organ is given to the nanites).  After the damage is repaired the body must be taken out of stasis at which point the nanites create an electrical jolt that restarts the heart and all body functions.  The nanites then self destruct and their components are recycled by the healing nanites that are then administered or flushed out of the body naturally.  This process takes much longer, since the natual healing processes are not enhanced due to the subject being deceased.

Transmutation Nanites are used in the creation of Invincialloy.  Steel is altered at the molecular level to make it stronger than typical metals created by 'normal' human society.  Cybers have the ability to take caches of these nanites to repair their armor. Maybe Spoiler - Kyle and Four keep stores of steel and the other components needed to create the strong metal around their base/home after Prototypes (well technically after In Spades).  More on Invincialloy later.

Synthetic Repair Nanites are similar to healing nanites, but not assisted by any natural healing processes.  This makes any non-armor based damage slow to auto-repair.  These nanites will try to keep synthetic functions running despite damage.  This includes damage that cannot be completely repaired by the nanites which may mean some functions will have to be done manually by the nanites.  Power Source damage may have to be repaired manually in 90% of situations.  The nanites will be disintegrated in most situations when trying to repair said damage.

Harmony Nanites are used to keep a cyber's biological and synthetic functions working in conjunction with each other.  They also keep the body from outright rejecting the synthetic components.

Nanites inside of a Cyber or Synth use the Power Source for fuel.  The self sustaining energy source inside of these beings is the end all for the Prototypes (and eventually standardized Cybernetic/Synthetic Enforcers).  They cannot come into direct contact with the Source, but use tiny microscopic ports that syphon energy from the Source.  More on Biodisian Power Sources later.

For a Non-Synthetic being injected with healing (or other types of) nanites, the nanites use any source of energy available.  In this case, they mostly use solar energy that is absorbed through the skin.  Non-body produced heat will also be absorbed.  It is not odd for the area around a nanite-enhanced human to be colder than other areas near said subject.  Especially if the subject had recently healed quickly.

There may by other types of nanites, but these are the nanites that are in The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes and the only ones that Kyle and Four come in contact with.  Technically Kyle was the only person to be fully brought back to life by the resurrection-nanites.  The other Cybers were severly injured or simply kidnapped while in perfect health.

Thanks for reading and more updates to come.

-Jake dh

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