Sunday, January 19, 2014

Update: Book Cover and First Draft of Prototypes

Everytime I type the word 'Update' I think of Tourettes Guy -

Anyway, I wanted to inform everyone on developments other than the BPG Universe updates.  Which I enjoy doing to get everyone up to speed on the tech in the book.  So I will have the first draft completed this morning.  If you've read the scripts, I'm to the point after Four saves everyone from the Synth sent to kill Kyle.  I have the aftermath of the story and several revelations about William to write and then the epilogue, which wasn't in the original story at all.  I needed to explain why William didn't just blow up the entire town or send Synths to Kyle's friends and families' houses to find them.

Also I was contacted last week by a book cover artist from AEP Book Covers.  He completed work without me asking as a way to peak my interest, which it did, so I agreed to pay him for the work after some alterations.  I have to pay him next week, but here is the cover with watermarks (this is so no one can steal his work... if you've looked at this blog and the old wix blog I explain this about some of Scott's work).

Artwork by James Price at AEP Book Covers
I am thankful to have such great work for an affordable price.  This is subtile and much better suited to a book cover than the idea I had, which was good for a comic, but not an ebook.  Hopefully when the Ebook is out, this will help sell copies.  Doing BPG (or writing in general) is the goal, but doing it part time and quiting my night job is a nice conciliation prize.

That's all for now.  Keep in mind, I'll put up a facebook, twitter, website and blog post to let everyone know when it will be possible to get a free copy of BPG: Prototypes.  All you have to do is put a review on Amazon to get a free copy.  Thanks again and stay tuned.

-Jake dh

Edit: I'm about 7,000 words from Prototypes being considered a novel and not a novella.  I didn't expect this volume to be this big, but that's awesome.  I'll post it up on Facebook/Twitter if I go over the 40,000 word threshhold.

Another Edit: I just completed the first draft of BPG: Prototypes.... squeeeeee!

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